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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Stephen Muse & Jordana Psiloyenis

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ID: 1190
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Loss, and grieving.  

What do we need in these times? What helps us heal? These are the questions we ask ourselves in creating a space that embraces our community as the dark wave of COVID-19 continues to wash over us. Amidst the pain, a shared experience; a rare moment in history when each of us from all over the world are brought together to support one another and grow.  

Welcome to the floating forest.

Centered in Boston’s Fort Point channel, the floating forest emerges as a retreat amongst a bustling city; a growth from the central section of a floating defunct bridge, surrounded by national attractions; it once helped connect two neighborhoods over Boston’s Fort Point Channel and provided a unique vista of the surrounding city landscape. Now it will find a new life, as it transforms into a community memorial.

In asking ourselves what we need to heal and grow, natural archetypes unfold; a forest that embraces, a river that flows, the warmth and comfort of wood, and a light that shines. From this, a grid of birch trees interweaves within the existing structure of the bridge.  Birch trees are a recognizable symbol of our local nature and transform each year through a dramatic shedding of their bark – a symbol for renewal. A single gesture of water - the natural source of life - cuts through the floor, simultaneously dividing and embracing; a shallow river that begins and ends in the surrounding ocean channel. The forest is set upon thin slats of wood, which at moments peel themselves from the ground to create benches to sit and reflect. Beneath the benches, crushed mussel shells reveal the intimate connection to the surrounding ocean. The grid of the forest is broken at times, only to reveal light on the ground where a tree would have been. At night, columns of light shoot into the sky; symbols of remembrance of those lost and a reminder that their spirits shine on.

The floating forest is a symbol – of our love, of our support, of our honor for one another. A place of quiet reflection in a bustling city.

Stephen Muse & Jordana PsiloyenisStephen Muse & Jordana PsiloyenisStephen Muse & Jordana PsiloyenisStephen Muse & Jordana Psiloyenis

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