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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Do Hyun Chang

ID: 1188

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ID: 1188
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Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
This tilted memorial stands upon the uneven grounds of the seashore and against the currents of the ocean, to unravel a foundation of cleansing from overwhelming grief to an inspiration of realization; the memories of each person are alive within those who stand present. It is dedicated to the community that stops and listens. To those who pause and take in the moments that bloom around them.
The uneven sand reminds us of the unsteady ground we stand in and the tension within us. The lightly tinted blue glass becomes one with the ocean and the sky, blurring boundaries, with the curves embracing us from the currents. The narrow, low entryway, symbolizes the loneliness we have fallen into with the looming concrete balcony above our heads, to let us feel the heavy weight upon us. But as we make our way to the separate floors above, the act strengthens those who leave a trail of tears on the raw concrete and push them to see, there will always be a ground to stand on in this memorial. The carved names within the walls will continue inspiring our fighting spirit amidst the darkness.
When our footsteps trail to the center, our vision is consumed by the portraits of people we honor from the pandemic.
When the eyes look to the sky, the portraits of family, friends, children, parents, adults, grandparents, grandmas and strangers you might never meet for the rest of your life cascade downward upon you. Overwhelming your entirety to everything around you, turning your head to catch every person’s face sliding past you. To catch every moment passing by. To feel every familiarity washing down around you.
And because we stop and listen it emphasizes the realization,
I cannot see you but I can hear you through my ears, listening to the strong sloshes of water, sliding, and the collapsing of the sand drowning within the depth. Frantic but in unison, it seems to cleanse each reflecting visage sliding down.
I cannot see you but I can hear you through my fingers, crashing upon the cold surface of glass, hoping to remember every aspect of their faces. The way they smile, the way they frown, the way they stare and the expressions reflected.
I cannot see you but I can hear you, I can read you through the words telling your story, how old you were and most importantly, who you became.
I cannot see you but I can hear you from the scent of the wind whispering its way from every inch of the world, carrying the weight of reminiscence for each person.
And all these things remind all of us, their memories are alive, breathing through our hearts and beating softly within every part of our body. We lived, we laughed, we loved and we got to stay with the people who meant most to us. We will remember them, all.
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

Do Hyun ChangDo Hyun ChangDo Hyun ChangDo Hyun Chang

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