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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Marwan Afifi Afifi

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ID: 1184
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18th of March 2020

“18th of March: The day Italy cried and our history changed for ever.” (Chiara A.

The Coronavirus crises arrived in Italy in the early days of March in the region of Lombardy. During the early stages, Italian citizens were obliged to stay in their homes and in some occasions they underestimated the real entity of the virus. It was on the night of 18th of March that all citizens really shed tears seeing one of the most touching photos that became a symbol of the emergency. It was a photo that spread faster and louder than any other headlines.

The photo showed a motorcade of military vehicles full of people that passed away in those days due to the pandemic. They were being transferred towards other cities because the cremation facilities were already excessively full. This horrifying moment will remain for sure in history and it became officially the Italian Memorial Day for the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The memorial designed in this project develops exactly from this symbolic image, it’s located in the background of the motorcade on an already existing green plaza. The memorial has a rectangular plan and develops in height recreating the same volume occupied by the military vehicles. In this way, the internal space represents physically the dimension of this crises. A closed space represents ideally even the quarantine that all Italians had to undergo during the pandemic. In the middle of the structure there will be placed a monolith in marble of Zandobbio from the city of Bergamo. On the monolith there will be engraved the names of all the people passed away due to the virus in the city.

Furthermore, the memorial will be created in wood and will have externally on its faces climbing plants. The plants will act as an oxygen system which tried endlessly to keep patients alive from the deadliest effect of the virus. Moreover, this feature will create a living monument that will be growing for years alongside the memory of the pandemic.

Marwan Afifi AfifiMarwan Afifi AfifiMarwan Afifi AfifiMarwan Afifi Afifi

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