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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Emily Cannavina

ID: 1183

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ID: 1183
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This pandemic has caused a lot of hysteria and a feeling of anxiety and knowing that I wanted to create a place where people can feel relaxed and be able to reflect on, and mourn the ones that sadly passed away. I chose the vatican city because the italian community has been hit hard by this pandemic because of their older population. Even though it has been a sad and hopeless time, I’m sure some of you have seen videos coming from italy where people are playing music and dancing on their balconies to bring people joy, so I wanted to give not only native italians, but eventually tourists a place to go and commemorate the victims of this pandemic.

I was inspired by the 9/11 memorial because when going there, you enter a different atmosphere than the busy, loud city surrounding it and I wanted to recreate that with my memorial. Image one shows a birds eye view of the city. On the left you see the infinity pools during the day and on the right is a view of it at night, where you can see them lit up by spotlights surrounding each individual pool. I created multiple pools to follow the curvature of Bernini's Colonnade, without blocking or taking away from them. Image two is showing one of the pools during the day, the pools will be made of carrara marble to match the elegance of surrounding architecture. Image three shows what it would look like at night.

There will be spotlights around, and inside the walls of the pool so they are illuminated and have a glowing quality. Image four shows a top- down view of the pools during the day and night. As you can see, I put gold crosses embedded in the bottom because, not only is St. Peter’s Basilica right there, but the cross symbolizes life and death and I thought it would be a beautiful detail to add to the pools so when looking down into them, you see a symbol that has a lot of significance. The crosses are made of gold because of its importance in christianity and so they are illuminated by the lights in the water at night.

The top of the pools are made of glass, engraved with the names of the victims of this pandemic, so family members, friends, coworkers, etc. can go and see their loved ones name. This allows a sense of humility, showing people that these lives mattered and it will have an impact on even a stranger who knew no one that died. In conclusion, I wanted to create a peaceful environment that would not only allow people to mourn and reflect but to commemorate the ones that lost their lives and show why we’ve in quarantine.

Emily CannavinaEmily CannavinaEmily CannavinaEmily Cannavina

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