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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Tiffany Griffin

ID: 1182

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ID: 1182
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COVID-19 has effected us all in different ways all over the globe.  Many people have lost their loved ones at rapid paces in unexpected moments. If you haven’t felt this loss directly, people closest to you in your communities and local environments are definitely sharing this experience. New York City is my community and we have lost over thousands of lives due to the virus and I wanted to create an easily accessible and simple way for people of New York City to remember their loved ones.

Due to the population of New York City, I wanted to create a memorial on a larger scale to emphasize the importance and significance of the lives lost while also making it clear what this space is for. I wanted everyone that comes here to feel calm, peaceful, love, and a sense of unity. In the center of the space there’s a knot symbolizing that unity and at the base  is where families can come and leave flowers for their loved ones and connect with others.

On the sides of the triangular glass, the names of the people who have passed are listed while general information about COVID-19 is on the ceiling of the glass for optional reading. It’s an opened yet closed space respectful of the social distancing guidelines but intimate enough to feel connected to their loved one and realize that this is a shared experience by many.

Tiffany GriffinTiffany GriffinTiffany GriffinTiffany Griffin

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