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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Arthur Montenegro de Oliveira & Wilian Barreto Alves

ID: 1180

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ID: 1180
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The lives taken by the pandemic are irreparable and can´t be forgotten or treat as numbers. After all, those people were taken unfairly of their family and friends. As a form of soften the pain and eternalize the existence those who were important to someone or some community, was idealized, a memorial of COVID-19 community, composed of a monument and a tree.

The architecture is a mechanism to change the scenery around us. However, is before all, a collective reality, historic, made of elements that go through and survive the time and transforms in a symbol of a society. Being a way to show who we are on the planet. The monuments also celebrate our cultural and emotional marks.

The monument proposed in reinforced acrylic reminds a crystal, composed by seem broken parts, reminds those people that were separated of our social life.  The “broken” parts contain the names and 6 (six) 2D images of the COVID-19 victims of a determined community, remember the existence value and the life’s connection with the other side of the after death, where their souls be found. A metallic structure painted in black involve an acrylic material shape, remembering that we are still in mourning. But, the embed light in the structure lights up on the darker nights of our lives and the city, taking a refreshment and weightlessness to ours heats and lighted places. The tree in white Ypê (Tabebuia róseo-alba) complete the memorial, by which its white flowering appears symbolizing the piece way found by the victims. Therefore, the city also will have quality of life by the vegetation insertion, through this alive element, the nature.

The bigger functions of the proposed memorial will be honor and remind! Depending on the totality of the victims of a community, the quantity of the monuments and trees in a place can be expanded to attend desired proposition, whose the purpose is fundamental to materialize a unachievable feeling, creating a collective memory that remains over time.

Arthur Montenegro de Oliveira & Wilian Barreto AlvesArthur Montenegro de Oliveira & Wilian Barreto AlvesArthur Montenegro de Oliveira & Wilian Barreto AlvesArthur Montenegro de Oliveira & Wilian Barreto Alves

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