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Gas Station of the Future Design Competition

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Inke Neundor, fHenrietta Hmenya

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ID: 118
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Our vision for a future gas station is a Zero Energy Green Station.Usually, people often refer to the gas station from their neighborhood as ‘my gas station’. There is a place which is open 24 hours per day, every day of the week, to buy something to eat, charge up your car, buy a newspaper. It’s a place where you can always find someone to ask for information.The aim of the proposal is to incorporate all those (and more) neighborhood needs in a relaxed, green environment in opposite to the nowadays oily, smelly and dirty situation. The ‘Green Station’ is formed from a modular system which contains different functions that are needed in the neighborhood: green spaces, recycle point, pick up point for delivery, green houses, fitness studio, running track, cafeteria, gaming room. All these spaces are flexible on the height distribution. For a small city it may contain 2 or 3 levels, in the same time in a bigger city it can be built higher. All the levels are connected with a ramp that surrounds the building on the exterior and an inside staircase and elevator. Additionally a green network façade connects the different levels.On the ground level one can find a green oasis which serves as a charging point for mobility (cars, motorcycles) and different devices that one may need. Here are proposed some additional functions that are easy to access fast: coffee point, pick up point, recycle point. You can take (or change) a bicycle or scooter and even grab a quick coffee at the same time.On the higher levels of the tower the other functions are stacked: You can shop at the kiosk, get your parcels (that have come in by drones) at the DHL-Station or play a game at the gamer’s point. You can turn a round on the running circuit or have a small lunch with a view. Or go up on the viewing platform, do a bit urban gardening and watch the city. It’s a place where you can always find someone, it’s a place where you can take a coffee or just sit and relax and then go on with your everyday life. On an urbanistic level, the ‘Green Station’ has a lighthouse function. Each former gas station in the city has a new green tower, that is illuminated at night and stands for a greener and more ecological appearance of the city itself. The ‘Green Station’ contributes to the smart city solution, where its inhabitants have access to quality of urban space. It offers free access to most areas of the Station, including charging of small devices and an easy mobile access via app for functions like charging cars or shop. The ‘Green Station’ produces its own energy from solar panels and wind turbines located on the top of the building. Additionally it has an air cleaning function by special green walls, as a lung for the city. Gas station address: Mörfelder Landstraße 16,D - 60598 Frankfurt

Inke Neundor, fHenrietta HmenyaInke Neundor, fHenrietta HmenyaInke Neundor, fHenrietta HmenyaInke Neundor, fHenrietta Hmenya

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