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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Fatima Grand

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ID: 1179
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As a designer, I have been feeling powerless during the pandemic. I realised that currently the media and the designers focus on the effects of a pandemic on our everyday lives, but I strongly felt that there is a need to honour those who lost their lives to the pandemic and show empathy with their loved ones. Many did not even get the chance to say goodbye.

The proposal for the headstone is an approach to show solidarity with those affected and it helps to identify the victims around the globe wherever they are buried/cremated.
A polished pillar of stainless steel stands at an average human height representing the life that is lost, but not forgotten; and the life that remains, but should face the tragedy.

By reflecting the surrounding and the mourners, one is reminded that their legacy continues in us.
The pillars are proposed to be made of mirror finish stainless steel grade 316L/1.4404 sheet, folded and welded with edges polished to be smooth and crisp.
The front face is etched with the victims name and messages from their family.
The top face is tapered to allow rainfall to drip.
This body is then fixed to an internal steel structure which will be dug into the ground. The pillar can sit above the cremation urn or a coffin.
Current Status
A 1:5 scale prototype of the memorial/grave stone has been produced for the designer to test its quality and performance in outdoor weather conditions.
The prototype was produced in collaboration with an American steel company and manufacturers in Ukraine.
Follow this link to see a short clip of the 1:5 prototype:,
A 1:1 prototype is planned to be produced and erected in south of Sweden once reasonable funding has been raised.

Fatima GrandFatima GrandFatima GrandFatima Grand

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