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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Alexandra Akin

ID: 1178

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ID: 1178
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Covid - 19 has left many families and friends in uncertainty and grief. Many loved ones have been lost. To give people time and space to honor, cherish their loved ones, and to insinuate that their loved ones have gone to a safe place, The Bamboo Mask Memorial has been designed.

The Bamboo Mask Memorial brings light to a heavy topic with its colors, peace along with the still bamboo. As one walks through the peaceful path he or she will see above their heads a  simulation of masks linked together by transparent cord linked to the bamboo trees. A mask is unique to each person, each mask is a different organic shape and color, and when attached forms a strong union of togetherness and strength. The multicolored masks are also meant to represent a rainbow, as a symbol of hope from here to above. The path extends towards a mountain peak that gets higher and higher- closer to the light of the sun as a symbol that our loved ones are happy and safe. Just like the masks are woven into the earth, our loved ones are back home, a part of mother earth, still around and with us all the time.

Alexandra AkinAlexandra AkinAlexandra AkinAlexandra Akin

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