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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Isabelle Schmitt-Alves

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ID: 1176
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Path of Lights - CoronaVirus Memorial
Lighting the path to a safer future, apart but not alone
Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, NY, USA

The CoronaVirus pandemic and Quarantine of 2020 kept everyone apart for months on end. This memorial is a place to bring people together once again and to remember not just why individuals died, but about the wonderful lives they lived. Dedicated to those who have died in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in Long Island, New York. In 2020, more than 4,000 individuals in Long Island have died of Covid-19. Located in a place known by many Long Islanders, this memorial shines light on the many lives lost but offers a hopeful message for those of future generations to reflect and remember the difficult times of 2020. The Path of Lights remembers not only the tragic loss of many but the beautiful lives they lived and the loving families they had. For those that still fear going into Manhattan, this arboretum, with more than 400 acres of land, offers plenty of space for social distancing and also a calming environment with the many trees and flowers.

The key features of this memorial include lights, nature, and paths. This memorial starts on the main path of the arboretum which leads to the eye catching, bright Path of Lights. Each light represents one life lost. This path then leads into a covered path in the woods, the Memorial Trail. This trail features a lit path with plant covered arched trellises that ends in at an open field with the Memorial walls which feature the names of each individual that died in Long Island in 2020. This allows the visitors to be able to reflect at the end their journey. The two memorial walls are lit by more lights and feature two arches each, one open arch and one glass arch. The glass arch represent the separation we felt during the quarantine, unable to be with our loved ones. The open arch signifies the coming together of people, to be united once again. We are in this together as one nation, one society.

Isabelle Schmitt-AlvesIsabelle Schmitt-AlvesIsabelle Schmitt-AlvesIsabelle Schmitt-Alves

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