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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Muqtader Beland

ID: 1175

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ID: 1175
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This “In Tribute 2020” memorial is to emphasize the realism of the disease and the grim year of 2020. People infected go into isolation and they fight the sickness alone. These people were alone in the weakest and downest time of their lives. Then they’ve also been buried alone. The sadness and despair is real, sugarcoating it doesn’t change the reality of the situation. And time passes by and people forget. These feelings soften up and we ease towards the hurt of the situation. But to just forget all of this, is something that we make happen. This memorial is a place that will always remember the people of Covid-19. Whether it was the people that passed away, from covid or during covid without containing the virus, or the people that survived the disease and made it through, or the people that persevered and their lives changed immensely. Living and dying during Covid-19, in any manner, was different, was hard.

The world, the countries, the people were all entangled in this epiphany of a disease. In Tribute 2020 remembers, as shall you, every step of the way through this space. The dark narrow corridors are designed to narrate loneliness as you walk through. Water that creates life, is used here to illuminate the interiors through reflection and refraction. You will feel confined as you make it to the exit, where you are united with people again, who enjoy the distancing code and this visit is a reminder of what happened.

Muqtader BelandMuqtader BelandMuqtader BelandMuqtader Beland

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