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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Nadiia Bura

ID: 1173

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ID: 1173
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Lots of people have died of COVID-19. The worst part is that few people know, which contribution to society they made, what they invented and what they were proud of, therefore their names are at risk of being forgotten.

There are as many occupation as leaves in a tree, so inspired by the beauty of Ukrainian nature, I have decided to create a tree of professions.
Every leaf is a glass with a lantern inside, each with different colors. Each color symbolizes a profession with a high level of mortality, so at midnight the tree comes alive and enchauntes with its lights, which are shimmering in memory. Of the leaves make up one whole and the quantity of deceased – percentage of it. To see, which color matches which profession, there is an information stand near the tree, where not only you can disinfect your hands, but also review the total statistics in the country

I wondered at the fact that the situation with pandemic is changing so rapidly, only yesterday our city was in the yellow zone, when suddenly we found ourselves on the doorstep of the red, and the only method of communication is online meetings. So, I added another function to the tree, which allows you to monitor the situation anywhere in the world. By inserting the “zone of cities” on the stand, the globe is illuminated. Person can push the country, city, which he is interesed in, and the tree just changes a colour relatively quarantine, and on the screen appear restrictions.

The main function of tree is honouring every deceased in the city. If you choose this mode – the all leaves in the tree go out, except one. It symbolizes the memory of the person who passed away. Different people appear each time regardless of ages, sex, religion or sexual orientation until all are mentioned. The information stand provides information about the victim, his contribution, regards etc., if his relatives want it.

On the other hand, stand informs people, not only about the victims, limitaion of zone of city, how necessary is to protect yourself from the virus, but also has all of the information about COVID-19 as for today. The all information from the stand can be found in app created for the COVID-19 memorial.

I create the tree, which can vary shape at any point on the branch. The branches are adjustable, the shape may change to assign a different structure. This makes it possible to set up trees of diverse of types, from chestnut to sakura and construct it in any country. Dividing memorial in the parts of wood, which are fixed by vertical rods, allows it to be easily collected. This tree-memorial is a chestnut. It is a symbol of Kyiv.

The memorial serves the city, the village, the region etc. and designed for bought 1% and 99%.

The days we are living in now will go down in history, so the tree as a symbol of rememberance of those who passed.

Nadiia BuraNadiia BuraNadiia BuraNadiia Bura

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