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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Thomas Ramos & Prado Zavitoski

ID: 1172

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ID: 1172
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The idea of the project is to create hollow cubic modules positioned in a way that allows the construction of a "wall", represented by the inhabitants who died from the COVID-19 and which is now protecting and sheltering the survivors.

This wall will be made of metallic structure and the hollow cubes will be overlapping only with mortises, creating a strong structure but at the same time it will bring a visual lightness. The squares assume an idea of protection and stability, and the cubes being hollows is so that there is a greater interaction between the structure and the visitor. So the visitor can enter, sit and lie down, besides being able to leave utensils, objects and even food as a way to help others, which is one of the objectives of this construction.

This memorial that will represent the victims of COVID-19 of the city of Guarulhos in São Paulo - Brazil will consist of 4 walls that can be moved and organized in different ways in the space where it will be installed, whether in squares, museums, gyms or auditoriums. Each equipment will have 25 hollow cubic modules of 1,17x1,17x1,17 m; and four bases connected to the first row of modules, offering greater stability to the structure. Each wall will be almost 6,50 m high and will be completely portable, helping in the locomotion of these pieces around the city of Guarulhos.

Therefore, the memorial will be able to offer consolation to the families of the victims and to the community, as well as to honoring those who lost their lives to a disease that devastated and killed thousands of people around the world.

Thomas Ramos & Prado ZavitoskiThomas Ramos & Prado ZavitoskiThomas Ramos & Prado ZavitoskiThomas Ramos & Prado Zavitoski

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