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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Kristin Reyes

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ID: 1171
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2020, a year that everyone was excited for turned into a year of sadness and unimaginable pain. Not being able to see a loved one who Covid has taken adds to this pain and leaves people in disbelief of the tragic situation that’s occurring around them.

I still remember when my cousin called my mom and told us that her mother was affected and passed away. She felt empty, lost, and completely useless for not being able to have the power to do something and for not being able to say goodbye. Hearing her words and the experience she had to go through broke my family’s heart.  

After experiencing a loss, grief can consume a person and can sometimes drive people to the breaking point of feeling depressed and lose faith in everything. For this reason, is why I created the Path of Remembrance. This memorial was created to inspire hope for the future and obtain strength from losing our loved ones. I choose to locate the memorial in The Ramble at Central Park to make someone feel at peace as you look out to the lake, hear the sound of birds chirping around you, or feel the cool breeze hitting your skin and rustling through your hair. As you travel to the six different locations and see the quotes etched in the granite tombstones, you reflect, remember, respond, and relate. The peaceful walk through The Rumble will help motivate people to move past the loss and obtain hope for the future. By reading the quotes from inspiring individuals such as Helen Keller, Michelle Obama, and Martin Luther King Jr. It puts someone at ease for the future as a way to let them know that things will be okay and get better. Water pools at the top of the tombstone as it naturally pushes off of the ledge and runs down the stone. This feature will help put a person in a calm state as they see the water run downwards, reflecting on the tragedy that has happened. Even though we are living through tough times, it’s important to maintain calm and hope that the grief and situation will get better.  

Kristin ReyesKristin ReyesKristin ReyesKristin Reyes

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