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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Jeon A Hyeon, Kim Byeouk Yeoun, & Oh You Kyeong

ID: 1170

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ID: 1170
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With the advent of the Covid-19 era, viruses have taken the lives of many people, and there have been big changes in our daily lives.
Maintaining a certain distance from people and maintaining cleanliness in daily life became important, and people began to dislike spaces where many people gather.
As a result, the memorial system changed.
Since he died of the virus, it was not easy to enter and exit the space to express condolences.
So, even the moment I saw my loved one off, I couldn't feel completely sad.
How can we comfort such people?
The "remembrance of the Covid-19 Era" that we define is something that should be recognized constantly in our daily lives, in which people living today remember naturally the dead.
In order to remember these, I thought it would be more effective to place them in the unconscious, often visible, rather than defining the particular spaces that I had to visit before.
So I chose Han River Park in Korea as a place for as many people as possible to see and learn.
Almost every day, many people visit Han River Park for walks, picnics, exercise, and exhibitions.
Memory boxes and heat-sensitive shelters installed at 14 spots in Han River Park.
The memory boxes will be a space for remembrance and memory, and heat-sensitive shelters will be a space visualizing social distance.
In the memory box located in the center part, You can write a message with your heart to mourn those who died and to encourage those who live in reality and the message is displayed through an external hologram electronic board.
In the hologram electronic board, not only this message but also the past and present aspects of the covid-19, information on the covid-19 and the like can be known.
Heat-sensing shelters that set up at intervals of two meters in accordance with the social distance of Korea's Central Disease Control Headquarters are places where people can rest while staying.
These are arranged at intervals of 2 meters, and they act as an indicator to know the traces of people staying there, and the risk of infection is determined based on the length of stay and the body temperature of the people staying there, and they are expressed by colors.
If the risk of infection is high, it is indicated as red, if medium, it is orange, and green is indicated.

Jeon A Hyeon, Kim Byeouk Yeoun, & Oh You KyeongJeon A Hyeon, Kim Byeouk Yeoun, & Oh You KyeongJeon A Hyeon, Kim Byeouk Yeoun, & Oh You KyeongJeon A Hyeon, Kim Byeouk Yeoun, & Oh You Kyeong

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