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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Alexander Liebau

ID: 1169

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ID: 1169
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The Coronavirus has affected millions and sadly taken the lives of thousands of loved ones. With the virus spreading rapidly too quick to even say goodbye to someone, we remember those we lost through memories. This memorial for those lost due to COVID-19 will solitarily keep the memories of those lost so they can always be remembered. A photo frame can resemble so many ideas to a person whether that be a special location, item, or memory. The design will use photo frames abstracted along a live wall to resemble the rapid growth of the virus and how many lives were taken. The frames and shadowboxes can hold floral arrangements, photos, nametags or any other important objects. Viewers can see the good that those lost left behind with us to always remember them.

Alexander LiebauAlexander LiebauAlexander LiebauAlexander Liebau

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