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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Nancy N. Silva

ID: 1165

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ID: 1165
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Covid-19 has taken us by surprise and we find our world in a spiral. Whether it be the direct effects of this virus such as battling the virus itself, losing someone to it, or the indirect effects such as job loss leading to other hardships. We must comfort, assist, and bring solace to those who have experienced loss during this time, whether it was direct or indirect. However, it is also important that we inform those who didn’t experience this “hurricane” and inform them of the events that occurred and who we’ve lost in the eye of the storm.

Overlapping curves of a structure can resemble an embrace or even a hurricane. One of these words promotes comfort and the other promotes awareness. On the wings surrounding the center of the structure, a timeline of the events of Covid-19 is carved into the cement material showing an infographic and description from the introduction of the virus to what we currently know as remote learning and working. Walking through the wings leads the viewer into the circular structure, encouraging a sense of circulation, guiding the visitor into and throughout space.

If we take a step into the center of the memorial, we are greeted by an empty space, an oculus open to above, and a circular section of land reflecting that oculus. Surrounding us would be the names of those who we have lost. Their names surround the only static source of life within the space, the circular patch of grass. Visitors circulate this patch of grass, it is untouched. The combination of their names and this patch of life are surrounded by the embrace of the structure and is open to above, bringing them closer to the sky.

Nancy N. SilvaNancy N. SilvaNancy N. SilvaNancy N. Silva

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