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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Nina Gilden

ID: 1164

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ID: 1164
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We designed this memorial to become a part of Fort Greene Park, and thoughtfully constructed in close proximity to the renowned Brooklyn Hospital, which was among the city’s most devastatingly overrun healthcare centers when the global pandemic reached New York.

The Brooklyn Hospital and the surrounding Fort Greene community was the inspiration for this memorial’s design and tranquil location, centrally situated in Fort Greene Park. We hope it remains as a lasting symbolic nod to the overwhelming resilience of a local community working together while living apart -- not only by socially distancing from their neighbors and co-workers during the pandemic but, more traumatically, living apart from their ailing loved ones. The void left by the loss of a loved one is so incredibly personal to each individual - and that will never feel as true as it does to those who have survived the pandemic. To support the Fort Greene community, the memorial design and spirit encapsulates a synergetic, multi-faceted approach to the grief process.

The open air, spatially-thoughtful layout paired with the intimacy of its natural environment at the park’s corner creates a dynamic, inviting space for visitors to remember those not only lost to the pandemic but also those who rose up together to help others in their community who were unable to help themselves, or their families, through their shared grieving. More poignantly, the design allows the community to connect with and through it. The vision and hope behind the memorial’s design will remain consistent --

The design represents an interdependent symbiosis that will stand as an intentional and symbolic reminder of a community’s resilience and strength to continue to grow and evolve, in good times and through bad times. The design provides a space that will live on as part of the community’s everyday life, evolving with it and around the community’s natural environment, through the changing seasons and adapting to new ways of life with its residents.

Harnessing the organic flow of natural life, the design presents pathways to explore through the assemblage of trees growing on the hillside, highlighting the symbiotic ecosystem that evolves within a community’s shared spaces - the design works with nature rather than against it. By thoughtfully spacing forms uniquely around the various younger trees, the design creates intimate vignettes as more meaningful moments. The forms' curvature follows each individual trees’ growth and movement, lending to the forms’ uniquely varying heights and range of scale. Viewed from different perspectives, the variance symbolizes the dramatic peaks over the course of the pandemic’s surge.

Nina GildenNina GildenNina GildenNina Gilden

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