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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Chen Pin An (Regina), Ho Wing Hei (Christy), Subhiksha Bhoovarahan, & Chiew Yi Zheng (Nicole)

ID: 1163

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ID: 1163
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Inhale ; Exhale
The Tower of Breathing

COVID attacks our lungs and our breathing. This memorial commemorates COVID through simulating the spatial experience of different breathing patterns as you walk through the space. Our Covid memorial looks to provide the public with a place of solitary reflection where they can peacefully go through a journey which commemorates the lives of those lost.

Our memorial is composed of organic slabs that weave through the whole building, it creates organic and variating spatial experiences that mimic the contraction and expansion of breathing. The organic slabs symbolises the tissue and the liveliness of people, to celebrate the lively functions as humans and the liveliness of those who once lived and were lost. The names will be commemorated on the column of the buildings. The rigid and structural columns puncture all the slabs or “tissue”, to symbolise the pain that is forever engrained due to the loss of life from COVID. The tower creates the form as a way to simulate an architectural representation of organic lung tissue and cavities.

Throughout the journey within the memorial, the users travel through ups and downs, to mimic the struggles of the pandemic. The person can experience the discomfort and the effects of covid as the headroom spaces within our tower expand and contract to mimic the action of breathing. This disorienting yet immersive experience allows visitors to fully experience the unpredictability and uncomfortable feeling of those who have lost their lives to covid as a way to empathise with their situation. This physical activity also stimulates an increase in oxygen intake, which reminds the person about their body functions and be grateful of their current health.  

The memorial is located in the middle of the sea which provides a space of serenity, sacredness and cleanliness amidst the busy city lifestyle, giving people the opportunity to breathe and grieve. As the person travels through the memorial, the tower’s breathing pattern is complemented by the rhythm of the waves and the tide, reflecting the breathing pattern of humans. The form of the tower seen in the elevation mimics breathing patterns as well as the waves in the water. As the tide is lower, the memorial can be accessed and experienced immersively, however once the tide rises the tower is isolated and acts as a sanctuary for those whose lives were lost, providing a distance between the living and those who we are commemorating.

Throughout the whole experience, we hope people to have a new gain appreciation for their lives and to commemorate the dead in the pandemic. The whole walking experience of the tower is a challenge itself and reminds us of the horrific events that happened in this pandemic. This memorial should engrain this legacy in history and remind us once what happened.

Chen Pin An (Regina), Ho Wing Hei (Christy), Subhiksha Bhoovarahan, & Chiew Yi Zheng (Nicole)Chen Pin An (Regina), Ho Wing Hei (Christy), Subhiksha Bhoovarahan, & Chiew Yi Zheng (Nicole)Chen Pin An (Regina), Ho Wing Hei (Christy), Subhiksha Bhoovarahan, & Chiew Yi Zheng (Nicole)Chen Pin An (Regina), Ho Wing Hei (Christy), Subhiksha Bhoovarahan, & Chiew Yi Zheng (Nicole)

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