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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Emily Ponce

ID: 1160

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ID: 1160
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Covid-19 has dramatically changed everyone’s lives. From being in quarantine to losing jobs, it affected people mentally, physically and emotionally. Most importantly those whose lives have been lost and those who know someone who has passed. Losing someone takes a huge toll on anyone and grief isn’t easy. Especially during a time where you couldn’t be by their side while they passed. Nor can you hold a memorial. For my project, I wanted to design a memorial for all the people who have died due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Like I mentioned before, death is a concept that is hard to grasp and get through. However, I wanted to make a space where you can feel their presence in a positive way. I designed a memorial that is curvilinear and promotes circulation through the space. Made out of only white, thin sheets of fabric, it will allow the memorial to keep air circulating due to social distancing.

The fabric will also evoke a sense of an other-worldly space that is airy and free. Before walking into the space, there will be a kiosk where a person can print out their own white butterfly, with the name of someone they have lost, and place them inside the space. The white butterfly will symbolize each person that has lost their lives to the coronavirus. And with that, expressa sense of life, hope and change. The memorial will have a tunnel that will lead to the center of the space. As you walk through the space, butterflies will be arranged in a swarm that leads you to an inner circle. Within this inner circle, there will be a tree in the center surrounded by white butterflies that are placed by more and more people who visit.  

The tree will compliment the butterflies as they are symbols of life and growth. This memorial will allow visitors to pay respect to the lives that have been lost and remember their loved ones. While also feeling the sense of lightness and freedom that comforts every visitor that walks through the space.

Emily PonceEmily PonceEmily PonceEmily Ponce

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