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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Toni Giumenta

ID: 1159

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ID: 1159
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Watching the numbers continuously getting larger, the thought of the families who were affected stays in my mind. Having someone you love in the pool of numbers of people who died leaves you feeling as though nobody cares. Those numbers aren’t just numbers they are people who’s lives were taken from them by a horrible illness that took over the world. I wanted to be able to design something that will showcase the individuality of each person who was taken from Covid-19 by making a strong impact while keeping a calm environment.
My memorial is located in a park so when you visit, you can acknowledge that life is still all around you and to remind those who go about their day in the park that covid isn’t just something to push aside and that it took incredible people from their community.
Metal Columns stand tall, 6ft apart for each person who’s life was taken by Covid 19. The columns lead to a water feature to reconize the worldwide impact that the virus had. The middle walkway commemorates the essential workers and businesses that risked their lives during quarantine. There are different journeys that could be taken throughout the memorial which loosely represents the different experiences people had with Covid.
There is the main pathway that wraps around the memorial with the columns lining the walkway that represents those who lost a loved one who deals with the trauma everyday. They can walk around and see the columns as a whole and then arrive at the column of their loved one, and then unwind at the water feature to experience clamness in the harsh reality of the world they now live in. There is a direct path to the water feature for those who don’t have a column to go to; they can observe the harsh structure rising from the earth and see the lives lost from their community while they walk straight to the calmness of the water and use the journey to reflect on their own lives.

Toni GiumentaToni GiumentaToni GiumentaToni Giumenta

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