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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Xuying Zhang, Yifeng Ding, & Jing Liu

ID: 1157

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ID: 1157
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The sudden COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on people's lives, and it has lasted for eight months. The death of our loved ones will make us sad. We feel regret, pain, guilt, unwillingness and loneliness. we need a place to commemorate them and bring comfort to people.
The main of the building is formed by enclosing triangular walls which symbolizes that when the COVID-19 pandemic comes, people are united to fight the virus and give people the strength of unity. Towering sharp Angle bring the line of sight into the sky, giving people the sky-like hope.
Feeling sadness in the form of sadness will only bring you deeper sadness. The memorial hall with white walls and winding its way up the stairs, create a quiet and peaceful space, as if we had come to a very beautiful heaven where the deceased loved ones live.
Deep thinking
There is a space for solitude in the memorial hall. People can sit quietly by themselves, relax their soul, and remember their relatives and friends.
The projection device set below the ground would projects a beam of light, which shows pictures of a loved one or the image of letters uploaded by visiters via mobile phones.

Xuying Zhang, Yifeng Ding, & Jing LiuXuying Zhang, Yifeng Ding, & Jing LiuXuying Zhang, Yifeng Ding, & Jing LiuXuying Zhang, Yifeng Ding, & Jing Liu

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