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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Yu Qiuwan & Zhang Ying

ID: 1154

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ID: 1154
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With the outbreak of COVID-19, Brazilians, especially those living in slum communities, faced an unprecedented crisis. The living conditions and economic conditions in the favelas make their mortality rates much higher than average, and even the shortage of cemeteries in Brazil prevents them from receiving a proper burial.
We wanted to give such a community group a dignified burial place, a place where their relatives could mourn them.
We chose a huge landfill site in Rio, easily accessible and surrounded by a large number of slums. We combined the burial of bodies infected with COVID-19 with the ecological restoration of the landfill. The waste will be sorted and reused, the biodegradable waste will be used to make coffins to isolate the bodies, the wet waste will be composted to add greenery to the site, and so on.
In the site design, death data from the existing COVID-19 situation is visualized through the topography, and in the process the light is altered to guide the mood and commemorate the dead. As time progresses and the epidemic becomes progressively more severe, the light on the site becomes darker and the feeling of space becomes more oppressive, triggering people to reflect on this COVID-19 and to mourn the dead.
At the same time, this site will have some sustainability and more possibilities for future development. This design transforms the dump into a landscaped public green space, while bringing jobs to the surrounding community. It is our hope that the existence of this site will bring dignity and the possibility of a better life to the slum, a socially neglected community.

Yu Qiuwan & Zhang YingYu Qiuwan & Zhang YingYu Qiuwan & Zhang YingYu Qiuwan & Zhang Ying

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