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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Lin Ruizhi, Wang Tianpeng, & Jiang Xiaolu

ID: 1153

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ID: 1153
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In the post epidemic era, we want to provide a shining place to collect and store the memories of the dead in the community. Here, people can mourn and recall in private space alone, or socialize and discuss with each other on open occasions. It is not a memorial hall in strict sense, but a space of memory for everyone who once lived in this community.
The design revolves around the suspended Memory Cube. People can upload photos of their deceased relatives to the screen of the square. With the continuous rise of the square, the screen becomes smaller and smaller, and the light slowly dims until it disappears. People can look up at the stars on the ground, or walk up the stairs around the cube to recall and touch the beautiful memories closely.
Considering the activity needs of the elderly, young people and children in the community, we designed three sets of transportation systems:
1. Stairs around the memory cube;
2. Ramp around the skin;
3. Elevator.
Therefore, the place has a strong tolerance.
In the design, we open the enclosed space of the memorial hall, and replace the traditional wall with fiber-optic skin. People can enter the sunken square from different entrances, where they can mourn and meditate. At the same time, the space above the ground is placed with activity units with different functions. Multiple grey spaces and activity platforms are formed by stairs and stacking staggered floors, which relieves the monotonous and oppressive space atmosphere of the memorial hall.

Lin Ruizhi, Wang Tianpeng, & Jiang XiaoluLin Ruizhi, Wang Tianpeng, & Jiang XiaoluLin Ruizhi, Wang Tianpeng, & Jiang XiaoluLin Ruizhi, Wang Tianpeng, & Jiang Xiaolu

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