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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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ZhaoHan Wang

ID: 1152

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ID: 1152
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2020 is destined to be a special year. People in China and all over the world have been attacked by the new coronavirus. With the unremitting efforts of the Chinese people and the government, the epidemic in China has improved. So people could build a memorial to commemorate those who died from the new crown virus.
Chinese houses generally have anti-theft nets installed on windows. The anti-theft net was originally thought to prevent thieves from entering the house. During the epidemic, people were not allowed to go out, and they chose to stay at home. They hope that the epidemic will get better. During this period, they can only watch the outside world from the inside of the room. But the anti-theft network blocked them, so people’s emotions will change a lot, including anxiety, anger, sadness, and happiness.
This building is located in an urban village. The surrounding houses are very close to each other. People cannot get out of their homes because of the new crown epidemic. So these facts inspired the design. People live in different spaces, different floors, and can only be distributed in each room. They look at each other through the anti-theft net, and they yearn for freedom and safety.
When people go to the roof, they will find many different structures. These structures are sealed and inaccessible. They're shaped like burglar nets, but they're monumental structures, and I hope that when people see them, they will think of people who have lost their freedom because of the new epidemic. Half of the memorial is closed and dark, and the interior is a hall for people to visit. The other half is composed of anti-theft nets, which are distributed on each layer. When people enter these closed anti-theft nets, they can remember the hard days. I hope this disaster can bring people thoughts and memories.

ZhaoHan WangZhaoHan WangZhaoHan WangZhaoHan Wang

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