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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Yiren Weng

ID: 1150

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ID: 1150
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The Curve
The Covid-19 has taken thousands of people from the city I live in. Since the end of Oct 2020, there have been cumulative 400,000 confirmed cases and 9000 death in the Illinois State, US. In the past few months, I paid closely attention and checked the Covid-19 charts and data almost every day. The Curve of Covid-19 has become part of my life.

The community memorial, The Curve, converts the 2D Covid-19 data into a 3D geometry. It presents the chart information in a manner that carries information of the people who passed away from the corona virus. The Curve pavilion consists approximately 9000 pieces of 5 to 15-foot-long light collecting rods. The name and story of our dear family member or friend who left us was engraved at the bottom of the rod. During the daytime, the light collecting rods would allow daylight transferred into the interior space of the pavilion. At the nighttime, the lighting fixture at the bottom of the rod will be turned on and mimic the visual effect of star shine in the sky. Furthermore, for the interior space, there are video wall systems on both sides. The photos and stories of the people who passed away with Covid-19 are screened on those video panels. In the mid-June, the city of Chicago unveiled a web-based virtual Memorial Wall on the government website. The virtual memorial website host submitted stories and photos of residents that will be publicly available for all to see. “In light of the current situation, the way we mourn and celebrate one’s life needs to be reimagined,” said Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot. I was deeply moved while reading those heartbroken stories that posted by their friends and family member on the website. There is a potential that the website gets transferred into digital wall format, which would be more accessible and be known to more users. The visitors can easily scan the QR code and upload the story and photo through the phone. The Curve is not only designed to help people cope with the loss of their dear friends or family members, but also celebrate the lives, loves and memories of their loved one to COVID-19.

Yiren WengYiren WengYiren WengYiren Weng

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