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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Alexandra Heber

ID: 1146

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ID: 1146
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This is a proposal to memorialize the Long Island Nassau County community at The Central Mall at Jones Beach State Park. This space intends to provide residents with both a physical and spiritual reflection for the lost lives due to COVID-19 in a quiet, clean, and safe outdoor environment.

Jones Beach State Park is internationally known for its white-sand shoreline. One of the busiest beaches on Long Island, stretching 6.5 miles along the south shore, hosting up to six to eight million visitors yearly. Jones Beach Island has various accessible routes to waterfront bars, restaurants, smaller parks, three residential communities, and vast stretches of untouched nature.

During the art deco period, Robert Moses designed the beach to give visitors the feeling of being on an ocean liner. One of Jones Beach’s most historic features is the brick-encased 315,000-gallon water tower dubbed by locals as “The Pencil,” located at the center of the traffic circle where Wantagh State Parkway meets Ocean Parkway. Near The Pencil and adjacent to the high traffic boardwalk, a cathartic monument will insightfully reflect the lives lost to Covid-19; while embodying the historic unconventional 2020 summer season.

This memorial incorporates four projection screens adjacent to the information kiosks and a large reflection pool. Moving down the stairs, The Central Mall is Jones Beach’s grand entrance. The stairs bring the visitor closer to the earth’s core, grounding them spiritually and physically, to discover a place of peace and comfort. The Long Island Nassau County community residents who lost their life to COVID-19 will be displayed on four screens. Next to each screen, a user-friendly kiosk allows visitors to search for a victim’s name, which will display a bio, and a picture onto the screen.
The sandstone paths lead the viewers to the reflection pool. Sandstone, seen throughout the park, is made up of tiny grains of sand and minerals that when joined together make a strong unique structure, positively reflecting the victim’s impact on the earth. Within the shallow reflection pool, rose quartz blocks digitally display the number of lives lost in the towns, cities, and villages in Nassau County. The rose quartz creates remembrance, activating the heart, and promoting positive energy by radiating unconditional love. The water between the rose quartz blocks presents an image of rest, voyage, tranquility, and rhythmic movement encasing the emotions of the visitors, which creates a mirroring effect. The reflectivity of the water opens up another world that we can not enter, but it is there for us to see. The vista facing the beach allows the visitors to appreciate the serenity of the ocean from a distance. Overall, this memorial seamlessly unites the past and present, by bringing solace, reverence, and honor to the warriors who lost their lives to Covid-19.

Alexandra HeberAlexandra HeberAlexandra HeberAlexandra Heber

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