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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Julia Sommers

ID: 1144

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ID: 1144
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The world today was faced with a major challenge, Covid 19. A pandemic that had everyone worldwide on lockdown. With this lockdown people weren’t able to see their loved ones. This had a huge toll on many making them feel sad, and alone. During quarantine everyone would go to parks while still social distancing to have a little bit of freedom. Located inside the gazebo is a digital screen where anyone can write motivational words, quotes, or names of loved ones they want to honor. To make sure others don’t write inappropriate words, the words on the screen disappear after 5 mins to make sure there is always a clean surface where others can write their own feelings, or words of encouragement. LED lights are featured throughout the space to create an elegant and enchanted look. The space would be located in parks, the most popular place right now so that more and more people can see it. Overall the space gives people a special area that they are able to come and reflect on their thoughts in a sacred, and peaceful spot during this hard time.

Julia SommersJulia SommersJulia SommersJulia Sommers

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