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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Vielis Ramos

ID: 1143

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ID: 1143
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A covid death is one that is experienced alone and distant from your loved ones. The location of this covid memorial is just that, as it is off to the side of The Bronx, isolated from the rest of New York City. This memorial is located on the northern section of Hart Island, which is now serving as a mass burial site for covid victims. The purpose of this memorial is to remind those of those who passed and how harrowing these times are. As you walk through the wooded area that is Hart Island, you finally make it through the clearance where a 100 foot tall building stands. There are two cylindrical structures that both have a slanted top with a roof made of glass. These structures are facing away from each other and are connected by a bridge in the center. The times we are living in now are very divided, much like the two structures facing away from each other. They are complete opposites in height, width, and in the positioning of the glass windows to further emphasize the divide. The exterior is made of cement plaster and has windows that are of textured glass. As you enter through the building on the left, you look up and see an abundance of natural light flowing in through the glass roof. Beneath your feet is marble flooring and ahead, a walkable path as well as an elevator for ADA accessibility. Such a tall structure puts into perspective how monumental this pandemic is in comparison to one person. As you walk up the path, there are photos and names of those who have passed. The white steel interior and textured glass makes you feel confined, much like the times during quarantine. As you continue forward, the welcoming natural light takes away this restricted feeling. Once you reach the top, you go through the bridge that connects the two structures. This area provides an emotional pause for visitors after seeing the amount of people who have perished due to this virus. There are gaps of light coming through the glass walls and ceilings, but the tension created by the iron pieces intersecting the glass makes it difficult to see out of. This bridge represents the unification of communities that brings together the opposing forces of these structures. The scenic views of the horizon and of New York City in the distance serve as a sign of hope, but even then it is lost in the obstacles that are the iron dividers, making it difficult to see the end to this pandemic. Moving forward to the right, you enter a slightly bigger structure which has photos of these dark times, showing how the city that never sleeps went silent during the pandemic. As you make your way down, there are photos of how coronavirus has impacted this populated city and how life as we know it has completely changed.

Vielis RamosVielis RamosVielis RamosVielis Ramos

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