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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Ibrahim Lasafer

ID: 1139

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ID: 1139
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Significant site to Honor.
In Colorado, USA, the death rate of COVID-19 is more than 2000 people until October 2020. The number is irregularly increasing after the second wave of the pandemic. Based on the varying rate and sudden death, the memorial’s idea is creating spatial forms that simulate the spiritual situation through an irregular building. The architectural body is created by systematic random elements in the middle of the Civic Center in Denver, Colorado, where the central government buildings are located around the site. The triangular form is open for the people to move between the east and west side of the park, at one of the park’s main axes, facing the Colorado State Capitol and Denver City Council.  

Different,  Harmony, and Spiritual.
Although the architectural styles are different between the proposed form and the site, there is a design simulation between the postmodern memorial spaces and the classical buildings in axis, shape, color, and the direction of the triangular surfaces. The triangular form is a deconstruction method of the gable in the Greek pediment, the government buildings’ style. Choosing the yellow color is for functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, it is the color of happiness and optimism in Sensory Design. We should give positive energy to the families who visit the memorial.  Aesthetically, the yellow color is connected to the golden elements around it. When the visitors walk inside the space, the natural sunlight moves over them through the opening roof during the day. At night, the artificial light goes out through that opening roof to the sky to give the place a spiritual atmosphere.

Remember, Honor, and Continue.
We know the pandemic is not over. Consequently, the design is flexible to add names through time. How? Triangular shapes, in general, are adaptable in adding new elements without recognizing anything missing on their surfaces, unlike perpendicular shapes that need prior coordination in filling their spaces. The names of those who passed from COVID-19 are engraved on the triangular surfaces to express the death rate’s instability and give a chance to add more.

Ibrahim LasaferIbrahim LasaferIbrahim LasaferIbrahim Lasafer

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