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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Alessandra Branco Moreira, Alexia Manske, Amanda Monaco, & Caroline Deretti

ID: 1138

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ID: 1138
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Several indirect consequences have been the result of the moment our planet is facing, such as hardness of the heart, leading to the lack of empathy towards the suffering of others.    
Therefore, the traces that the pandemic have left and will leave in the society are significant not only regionally but also throughout the world, among them the struggle of the victims against the virus.
Nevertheless, life must be cherished as much as death must be respected, because at the same time some families are suffering with the loss of their beloved ones, others are celebrating the sickness recovery.
In the project, located in Brumadinho, - Minas Gerais - Brazil, the duality of human existence towards the COVID–19 pandemic is represented by two semicircular halls which celebrate the parted ones and look for a balance between the opposite energies of the mourning and the celebration of life and, thus, reach the equilibrium.
As a result, these halls lead the user to a common area which symbolizes the idea that, apart from the path you follow and which experiences life offers you every time each of the strengths reaches its boundary, a contradictory feeling will appear inside you.
The yard, works as an environment of deliberation, so that visitors can connect themselves to the ones who have already gone or think about the victory over the sickness.
On arriving at the end of each hall the user comes across trees which bring an atmosphere of hope and understanding about the circle of life, everything has a beginning and an end.  in consequence, the environment also has benches and shaded areas, reinforcing the idea of introversion.
The hall that represents mourning, is formed by concrete boards, which have been carved with the names of the COVID-19 victims in brazil as a way of honoring them. the boards, placed vertically, produce light effects and shades which are projected and modified along the day.
On the other hand, the hall that represents life, has been developed with a translucent concrete wall and a hollow element structure which represent the lung bronchioles, once this is the most affected organ even after the treatment against the virus.
Consequently, it is reinforced the idea that there is a lot of life to be explored and it works as a stimulus for everybody, specially for those who have overcome the sickness, to find their balance point.
The names carved in the concrete are the perpetuation of human life and their passage in the world, once the abstraction of the funeral ceremonies due to the pandemic risks has caused scars which intensify the suffering and the nonconformity of the farewell, since there is not any.
These people path has been interrupted abruptly and their existence has become invisible. that is why the space has been planned, in order to have introspection, reencountering, reflection and salutation to welcome the mourning, silent and oppressed.

Alessandra Branco Moreira, Alexia Manske, Amanda Monaco, & Caroline DerettiAlessandra Branco Moreira, Alexia Manske, Amanda Monaco, & Caroline DerettiAlessandra Branco Moreira, Alexia Manske, Amanda Monaco, & Caroline DerettiAlessandra Branco Moreira, Alexia Manske, Amanda Monaco, & Caroline Deretti

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