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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Paola Ambriz Flores, Nicté Bautista Fuentes, & Gabriel Millán Báez

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ID: 1134
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The Heroes
The COVID-19 Pandemic has made an historical impact on the entire world; however, within this situation, the medical staff has been one of the most affected since they have been in a constant fight against the spread of the virus, preventing the loss of others people’s lives and even their own. For this reason, the current memorial is dedicated to their commemoration since they are known as the contemporary heroes by trying to, metaphorically, contain the death from the Mexican population.  
The project is located in Mexico City, which has been the most affected town on a national level. It is placed at the pedestrian bridge in front of the "Altar a la Patria" which is a monument dedicated to the heroes who have fought for the country; this place was chosen because it holds an strong symbolism related to the people that protects Mexico against different threats, this profound meaning is willing to be related to the memorial but instead of honoring the troops who have fought on military conflicts it is meant to be associated with the medical staff.
In Mexico, people who work on a medical related environment are sometimes mistreated because the citizens do not perceive that they put enough effort into their jobs, this usually happens because the media only portraits the negative aspects of the pandemic. The development of this memorial is willing to give doctors, nurses, chemist and other members of this community the recognition they deserve by showing their work to the public.
The memorial is made up by five elements, each of them are composed by two parallel tunnels that are made of durock panels attached to a structure of metal sections, these corridors separate the flow of pedestrians in two, creating a reminder of the pandemic preventive measures and avoiding agglomeration which is something that prevents the spread or the virus.
These tunnels have on their sides acrylic panels that allow the entrance of light and offer panoramic views of the city, on top of these panels we can find vinyl silhouettes of different medical members and some of their testimonies about their experiences along the pandemic; all of this with the intention of reaching out to the community who sometimes is not aware of their effort.
In addition, on the openings of the structures there are ornaments that are made of smaller colored acrylic panels whose colors are inspired by the Mexican medical staff; such as the blue that can be found on their uniforms, the gray that is seen on their equipment and the green which is used by some governmental institutions; this gives a special light inside the memorial.
This memorial is meant to have an impact on the people and it will make them think over the struggles that the medical staff has to endure. With time, it is expected that the empathy of people will increase and the values towards health workers will change for the better in the Mexican society.

Paola Ambriz Flores, Nicté Bautista Fuentes, & Gabriel Millán BáezPaola Ambriz Flores, Nicté Bautista Fuentes, & Gabriel Millán BáezPaola Ambriz Flores, Nicté Bautista Fuentes, & Gabriel Millán BáezPaola Ambriz Flores, Nicté Bautista Fuentes, & Gabriel Millán Báez

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