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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Umang Jain & Aastha Pareek

ID: 1133

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ID: 1133
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The past months have been exceedingly difficult for everyone across the world. Millions have lost their loved ones, been impacted in terms of livelihood and confined into their homes. People have been affected in different ways and certainly everyone was denied the right to grieve, in the manner they chose.

Thus, the design is nothing but a simple Urban Structure made of Rammed Earth with a Human profile for association, Space to put offerings and Corkboard to pin up memories, thoughts for whoever one relates the profile with. Since the loss of lives was so high, the Design has universal access and is of public nature, so that it can be placed in many places that our community connects with, such as Space under Flyovers, Squares, Promenades etcetera. This will serve not only as a space for families who have lost their loved ones to mourn but also highlight the largescale effect of this pandemic and in turn become part of the community’s collective memory, as it will serve as reminiscence of the past few months.  

The human profiles represent the lives lost in the community. We may have lost them physically but their souls and ideals are still with us and since there was little chance to grieve, people can come here put garlands, photos or perform rituals they follow on the Structure for their loved ones. There are different profiles so that people can connect personally with their doctor husbands, dog lover children or old grandmas who used to knit sweaters for everyone in the family.

In a large community garden, many such Urban structures can be put together in the form of curves to make a landscape for the community. Although the single structures put along shops, flyovers, pathways will be more accessible for people across the community, this Landscape in a garden can form a landmark for community gathering and remembrance. The curvatures represent the idea of Flattening of the COVID-19 curve, something the world has been striving towards. It takes a curvilinear form from a flat land with further attempt to flatten. This is symbolic of the nature of the Virus and how the curve went on increasing and the hardship and community’s attempt to contain the curve of the pandemic. We do not know how long the fight against this Virus will last, and to make the landscape accessible even today, the structures have been placed in a physically distant manner. In years to come, when things get better, these distances will be a reminder of these unprecedent times.

It can be a place where the community goes to remember how each one of them braved the year 2020, whilst losing a part of themselves. Moreover, People can sit around, sing choruses as in Italy, or clap as in France or clang vessels as in India to salute the lives they have lost and remember the fight of the frontline workers or to cope from isolation and get a hint of nature.

Umang Jain & Aastha PareekUmang Jain & Aastha PareekUmang Jain & Aastha PareekUmang Jain & Aastha Pareek

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