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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Nastaran Razavi

ID: 1132

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ID: 1132
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The idea of the design for Memorial competition is inspired by Ziggurat. The architecture of Ziggurat has the form of a terraced compound of successively receding stories or levels. The levels represents those communities lost their lives and the distances between levels are green planters and stream stairs. The facade of the memorial building hold the green vegetation. Inside the building on the on the first level there are interior galleries  and exhibitions and on the second floor there is an auditorium to show films about the people lost their lives in Covid 19.
The design concept  of green architecture is inspired by elements found in nature: water(stream stairs), earth(building), fire(lightings at night), and green vegetations(planters).
Design concept for interior plan of the memorial building is inspired by spiral structure of stairs the Atalaia Magra. The movement in multipurpose space is also comes from the movement of spiral steps. In a spiraling motion to create a unique, continuous green pathway that wraps around the façade of the memorial tower and supplies each occupant with readily accessible outdoor space.
The main design goal is to direct utilization of nature in architecture; therefore the design will not destroy or change the nature, but respect beautiful nature. Continuous green wall wraps around the facade and creating hanging gardens.

Nastaran RazaviNastaran RazaviNastaran RazaviNastaran Razavi

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