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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Ofir Hizkiyev

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ID: 1131
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These days, the world is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Communities have lost their closest people to Covid-19. The fact that people are not able to say goodbye to their loved ones or have a proper ceremony with everyone coming together, increases the feeling of mourning and loss. The local memorial will offer hope, calmness,
optimism, and a feeling of freedom. The local memorial is meant to strengthen the people who lost their loved ones to Covid-19.

The memorial will be located on a beach in Israel, where I spent a few months during the pandemic. As a result of keeping a social distance, the beach was the place I went to when I did not want to worry about anything. It always provided me a feeling of freedom and positivity. I used to go there to think and reflect on what I have; every visit was so powerful. The memorial will include a collection of surfboards located vertically in the sand. The vertical orientation, with the surf-boards’ nose facing up, represents growth while the object itself represents strength. After one experience such a tragedy, he can feel at a low point in his life. The growth theme will give him a feeling that from that point, things will get better. Besides, surfboards are very difficult to break, it is very strong, rigid, and stable, like the people in this community longs to be after their loss. The surfboards will also include, on their surfaces, some inspiring colorful quotes with motivation and hopeful content. The quotes will be introduced in beach related hues such as blue, brown, and orange. They will be in English that everyone who visits the memorial could feel connected.

Today, we are all still trying to get used to our new “normal.” The routine each one of us is familiar with, no longer exists, and most of us made some adjustments during this new situation. The surfboards in the local memorial will look like a cluster of people, an image that used to be obvious, and in a short period, became unusual. The memorial will encourage people to spend time outdoors and remind them how they should behave during this pandemic. The memorial will not be dedicated to specific victims, it will show how the pandemic affects the whole community and everyone can visit to remember.

Ofir HizkiyevOfir HizkiyevOfir HizkiyevOfir Hizkiyev

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