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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Teresa Wu

ID: 1130

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ID: 1130
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Dedicated to those who lost their lives to coronavirus


Mission Statement:

The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected every aspect of life globally. It has changed the way we behave physically and mentally. During these hardships we need love and unity. A Coronavirus Memorial with elements of nature would help bring people together with a sense of hope and serenity. Life and death is a part of nature, but unfortunately not every experience in life is pleasant. However, the people we lose in our lives are forever in our heart, and we can cherish them through the breathtaking nature all around us.

Exterior design inspired by the coronavirus itself, with cell like structures and domes. Natural lighting and outside scenery lighting up the pearl white interior reflected by pools of water. Hidden and disguised among the trees, half the structure is embedded within earth, facing out to the Long Island sound.

We start by cleansing ourselves, washing away any harm and worries. With the lights guiding us, victims' names engraved the quartz wall deep within earth. Even in our darkest moments light crept through the cracks of fragmented memories. We feel alive from the life around us, in all sort and forms. From the singing birds to the pitter patter of rain. Misty mornings when the sun first meets the horizon line, to the last bit of color in the sky before the moon rules the night. The browning foliage in Autumn soon will be gone, just to bloom again next Spring. Let this place bring us together to honor and cherish those who passed away from Covid-19.

Teresa WuTeresa WuTeresa WuTeresa Wu

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