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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Sergio Augusto Barbosa Pinto

ID: 1125

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ID: 1125
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More than the lives already taken and the ones yet to take, the Covid-19 pandemic has led us to a state of reclusion, where we can't fulfil our most primal need as human beings – to socialize.  
It had affected every single one of us as individuals and as parts of a whole, a family, a neighbourhood, a community, a city, a country, a planet. Although its effect is different from culture to culture, country to country, the way people cope with it, the truth is that there’s always a common denominator – the absence of socialization as we know it.
So, my proposal for this memorial is intended to be a community place, some place where you can remember and grieve the departed ones, and at the same time, honoured them by being able to be social beings again.
The main external skin of the proposal, very symbolic, it’s a Greek cross intersecting a dome.
The dome has, since the Stone Age, been a representation of a celestial world, also with strong ties with the veneration for the ones that we lost. At the same time the dome represents unity and congregation.
The cross is the axis where we enter into the dome, the entrances, with walls, 19 meters tall, enhancing the community purpose, welcoming visitors, no matter where they came from, it represents the cardinal points and how the Covid-19 is a global problem.
Inside the dome, two main elements: trees, symbolizing life and prosperity, and water, representing rebirth. Around these features are the benches, for gathering and socializing.
In the middle, a mirror of the cross void above, a glassed vault with keys, a representation of freedom and  initiation. One key for each person the Covid-19 took.

Sergio Augusto Barbosa PintoSergio Augusto Barbosa PintoSergio Augusto Barbosa PintoSergio Augusto Barbosa Pinto

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