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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Jingjing Hao & Jianping Zhang

ID: 1123

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ID: 1123
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For all the Chinese families, the Chinese new year 2020 should be a time for family reunion, But the outbreak of Covid-19 changed it. Some families were separated by thousands of miles for months; Some people watched their relatives die in the isolation ward helplessly; Some lovers can only kissed each others with mask; Some friends even had no chance to say goodbye. People are getting numb by watching the number of deaths increased every day.

Through the design of TOUCH, We hope to evoke the emotional sympathy for the cold numbers that once were lives, once all were beating hearts. Let people remember this tragedy, the people who died and the medical workers who had dedicated to.

The overall shape is selected from Hubei Province of China, and the appearance shape can be changed to apply it in different provinces or regions. The front and back sides are composed of interactive screens in the shape of all the cities in Hubei Province. Two interactive effects are set. One is that when people touch the interactive screen of a city with their palms, the screen of the city will show a gradual changing red light like a heartbeat, which shows the number of people who died of the epidemic in the city. At the same time, the loudspeakers on both sides of the structure emit heartbeat sound, and the LED lights around the structure emit red LED light like an artery. Another interactive effect is that when people touch the screen with their fingers, a picture of the people who died of the epidemic appears on one side of the screen, marked with the name, age and a word that can represent their characteristics. On the other side of the screen, photos of medical staff who participated in the fight against the epidemic appeared to thank them for their selfless efforts.

Jingjing Hao & Jianping ZhangJingjing Hao & Jianping ZhangJingjing Hao & Jianping ZhangJingjing Hao & Jianping Zhang

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