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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Reid Schumacher

ID: 1122

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ID: 1122
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In the height of the pandemic, we abandoned the comfort of the patient in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. This resulted in the development of make shift modular hospitals that packed 100s of sick patients like sardines. For some of the unlucky victims of COVID-19, this was the last room they will ever be in.

The COVID-19 memorial will open memories about the rows of modular hospitals, and how COVID-19s victims felt during their last moments on earth. The memorial itself is a series dark steal cubes that can be accessed through mausoleum apperatures that are partially draped with chain-mail curtains. Inside some of the rooms are windows that are caged behind a lung like pattern similar to how the corona-virus trapped its victims with pneumonia. The memorial also allows us to remember the brave nurses who lost their lives trying to heal sick patients. To the south of the somber row of structures is a tensile feature that resembles medical facemasks and their materials from blue and white cad-fabric to the polycarbonate face shields. This symphony of somber colors glides over the water feature and up towards the sky; as if the masks were the guardians of the air.

Reid SchumacherReid SchumacherReid SchumacherReid Schumacher

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