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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Eui Seong, Yun

ID: 1121

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ID: 1121
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For-Contact Memorial

Loss in Non-contact

The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the way we live. We had to keep distance from people and minimize contact with each other to protect ourselves and others from the virus. Despite our effort to stay away from each other, lots of people died. In their final moments, they were not able to be cared for by people close to them due to the infection. When they died, the number of deaths from the virus increased. That’s the only way people knew some people died in this society. In this non-contact situation people died alone and were forgotten easily.

Memorial for contact

How could a memorial be made for people who died in this non-contact situation. Firstly, I think that it can be a space where we think about the disconnection that they suffered until they died. Second, it can be a place where we can get to know the people who died, and make a deeper connection. Third, it can be a place that represents our hope to feel free to make contact with each other, like before this pandemic happened.

Three Spaces : Non-contact to Contact

Place for Non-Contact

It is a place to experience the sense of disconnection which the social distancing brought to people. Walls of various sizes represent different levels of disconnection for each person. In this way people experience non-contact by strolling between walls.

Place for Contact to the deceased

It is a place where people can remember people lost due to the virus. It is made up of fifteen spaces and each space has a digital screen which displays pictures and writings about him. In this place people can get to know the people who died, and make a deeper connection by reading his or her story written by people close to them.

Place for Contact to each other

It is a place where people can sit around together and take a rest. Contrary to the non-contact place on the ground floor, there are no walls which divide people. In this space, people can feel free to make contact with each other.

Eui Seong, YunEui Seong, YunEui Seong, YunEui Seong, Yun

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