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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Fadwa Mezughi & Jenna El-Musawi

ID: 1118

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ID: 1118
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‘Unforgettable Faces’ is a memorial that pays homage to all the lives we have lost during the 2020 pandemic. The design celebrates those lives and narrates the importance of each person’s identity as it highlights their faces and belongings or what we like to call ‘memorabilia’ objects. Set in our multicultural city of London, adjacent to the River Thames and the Palace of Westminster, it is at the central hub of the city celebrating its diverse identity, a place of peace and serenity surrounded by the sounds of wind against the trees and the sound of water in the middle of one of the busiest areas of the city.

The design aims to create a sense of identity of the people we lost, creating a personal space for the friends and families to grieve. By introducing reflective curved wall elements, some faces of the lost are etched within so that they are unforgettable, staring back at you. As their loved ones stand in remembrance of them, a family and friends portrait stares back at them; all faces celebrating life. Slits between the curved walls and roof elements play with light and shadows adding to the experience and journey of walking through the memorial.

Foliage outgrown between granite floor slabs creates a harmonious connection with nature and architecture. As you walk through the memorial, beneath you are pieces of memorabilia or valuables of those we have lost, from someone’s beloved watch, their favourite book, a family photograph to a personalised locket necklace, buried within the floor slabs. They are not just mere objects but memorabilia adding a personalised touch and celebrating the identity of the lost. Through etched faces, names, dates and memorabilia elements they become the ‘Unforgettable Faces’.

Fadwa Mezughi & Jenna El-MusawiFadwa Mezughi & Jenna El-MusawiFadwa Mezughi & Jenna El-MusawiFadwa Mezughi & Jenna El-Musawi

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