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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Carmen Shikeai

ID: 1117

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ID: 1117
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As of early September, there has been more than 900,000 deaths and almost 300,000 cases around the world caused by the virus, Covid-19. During this period of the pandemic, my personal impact was severe, because it opened my eyes to many different issues in my life and along with others. This virus made me realized how valuable and fragile human lives are. I start to really understand that life is not forever, and whatever happens even five minutes in the future can be devastating. Although the future can be predictable, sometimes events occur too fast for one to prepare. I am very thankful for people who take their life as a mission and stand bravely at the front line and fight against the epidemic for us.

This memorial is placed at the central park because it has a lot of meaning during the covid. Samaritan’s Purse staff set up an emergency field hospital in Central Park on March 29, 2020 to provide care for patients who are battling COVID-19. I designed this memorial for people in the forefront fight against the Covid-19 along with the ones who lost loved ones. At the entrance of the memorial, there is a custom rain curtain fountain, the was a place in the middle of the curtain fountain, a globe in the cage it means COVID is like a cage was controls the world past few months and the world has been out of control with is a virus in past. This C shaped custom rain curtain fountain is accompanied by a V-shaped corridor or pathway that leads to the other side of the memorial. The letters C and V both are presented in COVID. This memorial is a place to share remembrances of loved ones lost and the ones still currently fighting this devastating virus. The rainfall water fountain is used to express the grief and sorrow of the ones that did not make it all the way past. This memorial is a place where many can come to show their love and support. Candles can be light up and placed onto the slow to flowing water in the fountain let it deliver your thoughts to the ones you lost in a different world or to support people in the battle flight with the COVID. Each candlelight represents each individual that lost their fight to the virus. At the edge of the memorial, there is a stone tablet that has all the specific information about the virus that has taken so many lives. The tree that was picked is a Maidenhair tree which in the Chinese culture represents strength, bravery, and irreplaceability.

Although many are not here today because of Covid-19, they will never be forgotten or replaced.I hope this memorial expresses a strong sign of hope and remembrance of the ones that were hurt and taken away. At the end of the day, every single one of us is in this together.

Carmen ShikeaiCarmen ShikeaiCarmen ShikeaiCarmen Shikeai

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