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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Sofya Savenkova

ID: 1110

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ID: 1110
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COVID-19 is one of the greatest challenges that we have faced since the last century. The pandemic started and expanded so rapidly through the world that many industries needed to react quickly to the changes happening. Kommunarka hospital located in Moscow, Russia is an example of an institution that was forced to open before the end of the construction. The opening of this modern and multifunctional hospital was one of the most awaited events for many people. When the pandemic broke out, only three main units were built, with four more to be constructed. Due to the building's large scale and new medical equipment it became the place where infected people from Moscow were accepted.
 One day the human race will be able to overcome this pandemic and probably leave behind all this hardship it went through. In our design we want to preserve these memories and symbolize the defeat of the disease through a new landscape and memorial design for the hospital after all the units would be finally finished and open for patients.
 The current plan of the landscape design was finalised before the outbreak. This is why in the current pandemic situation our design suggests a new variation of creating an outside open space for the hospital and at the same time give honour to all the med workers who were saving people’s lives and all patients as well.
 The main memorial is in the centre of the park and is a circular structure supported by solid columns. Next to each column there is a white transparent textile covering responding to any slight touch or light breeze.
 The balance of these two different elements act as a “wall” surrounding a small stone composition consisting of vertical white stone plates of different height and width.
 The design of these memorial plates is formed under the original hospital's design consisting of multiple departments. This is the place of honour to all selfless people from all over the country who risked their lives every day.
 We hope that this memorial will be an important part of the hospital's history and bring peace and hope to all the current and future patients and personnel.

Sofya SavenkovaSofya SavenkovaSofya SavenkovaSofya Savenkova

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