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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Joshua Sanabria

ID: 1109

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ID: 1109
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Loma Linda, California is a small city of just over 20,000 people. What makes it a unique place is that for almost 100 years it has been the site of the Loma Linda University hospital. This hospital is one of the only trauma 1 centers in the county. These means that during the Covid pandemic, it saw the heaviest patient loads for this entire region.
As I thought about this city's role during the pandemic, I was reminded of this competition's main focus, to design a local memorial that honors those who have been lost to Covid-19 and brings solace to the community. Instead of thinking about grand solutions, aim for something meaningful and enduring.
With this context in mind, I designed a simple memorial where each component symbolizes not only the struggle that this city has been through but the hope that we have for the future.
It is composed of three elements: a 12-foot bronze wall, a hill, and a meadow.
The bronze wall slices into the hill to symbolize how CV19 broke the natural order of life & community.
The hill going over the top symbolizes that we, as people, can overcome such a challenge.
The meadow on the other side of the bronze wall symbolizes that there is hope and beauty beyond the struggle.

Disclaimer: This design was submitted by Josh Sanabria. He is the CEO of DesignClass and is not eligible to receive any prize. It is just for fun. :)

Joshua SanabriaJoshua SanabriaJoshua SanabriaJoshua Sanabria

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