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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Jiawen Xu & Junpeng Wang

ID: 1107

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ID: 1107
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After the epidemic, we are gradually moving towards normal life. The epidemic of the past few months has become an unreal memory, as if it were a story in parallel universe. Under the premise of the normalization of epidemic prevention, we should never forget the companions we lost because of the COVID-19. So we turn our sights to high buildings, to places where the ordinary should continue to pursue their happiness if there were no such catastrophe.
These high-rise residential apartments are located in densely populated urban areas. The space between them is so small that between two buildings there are communities. It was in this one after another small community that many impressive anti-epidemic deeds happened. So we designed this museum with the memory of the dead and their longing for life. Meditation and mourning can make the living move forward, but those who survive should not be burdened with pain and stress all the time. Therefore, I prefer the museum to be a daily space for everyone in the community rather than a separated memorial site. So I put the museum on the roof -- the closest to the sky. People can mourn, remember, or just look at the sky, bask in the sun, and watch the trains running off into the distance.
No one can change what happened before, but we can choose how to live after. We hope that our lost companions can go to the other side of the sea where they can watch their loves in the distant night sky. As a metaphor, the interactive installation of moonball lamp comes from the ancient Chinese myth The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon. The moon ball lamp floating in the night reflected this sad fairy myth, telling people’s mourning for those who have left.

Jiawen Xu & Junpeng WangJiawen Xu & Junpeng WangJiawen Xu & Junpeng WangJiawen Xu & Junpeng Wang

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