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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Rimtautė Emilija Rastenytė

ID: 1103

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ID: 1103
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Before your eyes you see a portrait of queen Corona. She has a golden sight and the bright sun's crown surrounding her, which sends out a positive response - after all, yellow is described as a bright color that tends to encourage happiness. Another prominent color is blue, which might induce feelings of solace, peace or even nostalgia. Here we remember the people lost due to Coronavirus, and my technique - salt on watercolor - which created a pattern of small dots, represents those people. From up close every person is seen individually, but from afar it seems as them and we are one. In the center of the portrait we see queen Corona. She has the imprint of a mask on her nose. It is sentimental - we all wear masks and dislike it. But the agony of a person alone in the crowd becomes a sacrifice instead. Corona, in Latin, means a wreath or a crown, which is represented on the queen's head and it looks similar to the crown of the Sun. In Lithuanian, the word shining or enlightenment can also mean education. An intelligent person is called a bright person. Alternatively, during the pandemic, Lithuania's education system was touched the most - many children did not have the proper equipment for distance learning. In the absence of computers or tablets, students grabbed their phones for learning, but most teachers did not fancy technology and, consequently, did not know how to use it. It meant that not only the students had to learn on their own, but the teachers had to educate themselves, too. But soon enough the light of education has shone - our government noticed the problem and gave the needed tools for the students and also, the teachers became friends with IT. Thus the shining crown reminds us that in the face of global tragedies, we shan't lose hope and then the sun shall shine through the clouds soon enough. On a personal scale, this painting should inspire an individual to be a brighter member of society, reminding him of the educational challenges that touched Lithuania from the before mentioned pandemic. My mural will also be a practical piece in our community. Lithuania has many murals, graffiti's and this one will not fall out of context at all. The idea of the painting is not apparent on first sight, but I think it is of most importance to subtly show the individual style of the artist in the design, and for me, I like to attract the viewers attention, encourage to take a minute to think about the piece - what does it really mean to them, individually?  After all, the famous artist Edgar Degas has said : 'Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.' and I want for the viewer to think on his own, not see a clear idea, but find what the mural means to him personally, encouraging to become a smarter and brighter individual.

Rimtautė Emilija RastenytėRimtautė Emilija RastenytėRimtautė Emilija RastenytėRimtautė Emilija Rastenytė

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