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Covid-19 Memorial Design Competition

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Noam Galey-Yam & Omer Ittah

ID: 1102

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ID: 1102
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The Coronavirus pandemic reached Israel relatively late. When the illness first broke out throughout the world, there was a sense of being untouchable, therefore precautions and preparations were not made and life continued unaffected.
A short time later when the pandemic reached Israel, it’s citizens began to protest against the government’s handling of the situation. Rabin Square in the heart of Tel Aviv was filled with protesters from all spectrums of age, gender, and a variety of reasons. The pandemic had affected everyone in different ways but the protest merged them into one whole. A son who had lost his father, a business owner who was economically affected and even a grandchild who during this period could only meet their grandparents by shouting upwards to their apartment balcony.

All were affected in different ways due to the government’s mismanagement which consisted of avoiding decision making, ever changing and inconsistent regulations. The public was desperate for organization, clarity and dependable regulation. Due to a common sense of abandonment, unsteadiness and helplessness the public tried to pave the way passed this period successfully.

By developing and separating the space into two unparallel surfaces, which are distant one from another throughout the monument, we emphasize the way the earth’s soul bears under our feet and the consistent process of sinking without being able to control the situation. The memorial's visitor takes part in the ceremony process, which in a certain way is similar to a burial ceremony. One realizes they have sunk only once they have reached the center of the monument, which is close to the lowest point in the site. The visitor’s journey is accompanied by a gentle flow of water who’s direction is due to the two paths which refocuses beneath the monument. The waterfall screens the urban background noises and creates a gradient separation from the environment and focuses attention towards the unstableness of the ground. The only stable mass, left open up when continuing along the monument path. Dents in the ground and mass creates warm and intimate spaces suitable for one person or a nuclear family. This situation is representing the current period, which is different from the intensity of daily life.

The monument proposition does not only memorialize the memory of those who passed to the disease but also the mutual experience which shook up the entire nation.

Noam Galey-Yam & Omer IttahNoam Galey-Yam & Omer IttahNoam Galey-Yam & Omer IttahNoam Galey-Yam & Omer Ittah

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