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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Alena Zhukova

ID: 1093

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ID: 1093
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The object is located in one of the oldest cities in Russia, Veliky Novgorod. The city has a rich history and is famous for its temple complexes, a lot of them are protected by UNESCO. The selected buildings are part of the former Bohemia brewery complex. The complex was built in 1878 and it formerly included many buildings of different purposes.The factory itself is a cultural heritage, but by this moment most of it structures have been destroyed, and it’s territory abandoned. But there are several buildings, which saved pretty well and they were reused in this project.

The main concept of this project is rebirth. My goal is to give a new life for abandoned territories, recover saved heritage and fill location with new meanings that connect its history with future. The complex should become a public space where you can learn about the history of brewing, taste a local product, or just relax in the park.

Beer production technology has remained unchanged for many centuries, but modern technologies make beer production more compact and safe. This allows the brewery to be located in one of the remaining structures and make it easy to combine production and education functionality. The remaining buildings of the old factory will accommodate local craft breweries, and will be unite into one gallery.

The project pays hight attention to a park, which become a part of large city recreation that will be located on Volkhov River shore. This area will be provide an opportunity for holding festivals or town fairs.

Alena ZhukovaAlena ZhukovaAlena ZhukovaAlena Zhukova

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