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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Veronika Zapyantseva, Polina Drozdova, & Tatyana Shishlyannikova

ID: 1092

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ID: 1092
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The goal of the project is to adapt social housing according to the Erns May project for modernity. The project formula is based on the harmony of comfortable housing, privacy and adaptable spaces. In our opinion, a large indicator of adoptivity is achieved by free planning of the territory and the right to choose.

The former garage building designated as a building with a removable function. This interpretation implies the presence of an empty layout inside the building. The layout can modified using mobile partitions for the duration of the building's operation. The space can used in different ways depending on the length of the operating period. Exhibitions can held in the building, various art spaces can opened, workshops, and the space can rented out.

The comfort of living and a sense of privacy in a residential building achieved through a new layout solution. We propose to allocate an entire floor with an area of 102 square meters, 88 square meters of which are residential, for one family or one apartment owner, so the "effect of a private house" achieve. Residents of the apartment given a large area to implement and meet all the necessary needs for a comfortable stay, the apartment free of extraneous sounds behind adjacent walls, also created close to a private home living conditions. To increase the building density, we have developed another additional attic floor, located above the 3rd floor. Access to the roof exit is possible by the presence of stairs in the lobby of the building.

The convenience and accessibility of landscaping of the territory adjacent to the house is due to the idea of creating a complex buffer zone inside the yard that doesn’t have a specific compositional center. Being inside this space, residents continue to feel isolated – the creation of such conditions continues the development of the concept of "private house effect". This buffer zone also carries the task of a green fence between two buildings.

The decision to place a Playground on the roof of a non-residential building with a removable function is safe in terms of cross-country traffic and the presence of possible strangers on this site. A fence protects the area around the perimeter.

Underground Parking located under the recreational buffer zone. Entry and exit is from the main roadway, as well as a passenger Elevator adjacent to the main exit. You can also get to the underground Parking directly from the residential section where the car owner lives. Our team has increased the height of the basement of a residential building located on the 1st floor, as well as added an additional warm underground passage, thanks to which residents can get to the underground Parking. In the basement, there are areas for storing large items of residents and a separate Laundry room.

Veronika Zapyantseva, Polina Drozdova, & Tatyana ShishlyannikovaVeronika Zapyantseva, Polina Drozdova, & Tatyana ShishlyannikovaVeronika Zapyantseva, Polina Drozdova, & Tatyana ShishlyannikovaVeronika Zapyantseva, Polina Drozdova, & Tatyana Shishlyannikova

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