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Adaptive Reuse Architecture Design Competition

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Polina Chasovitina, Nadezhda Kotelnikova, & Margarita Morskova

ID: 1091

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ID: 1091
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The evolution of the building The planet does not stand still and time does not stop, movement and changes in the world occur every day in all areas of our lives. Evolution is a natural process of development of life, accompanied by the formation of new and extinction of old areas of human activity and adaptation to them. Accordingly, the evolution concerns buildings and the surrounding area, in particular residential development. "Building evolution" is a concept of reconstruction of a residential apartment building, which is an adaptation of the building of 1930 to the requirements of modern society, its strengthening and repair, as well as improvement of the yard territory.

This project solves such problems as:

  1. Lack of cosmetic and structural repairs to the building
  2. Cold, small, unsightly balconies
  3. No storage locations
  4. No input groups
  5. Grim facade
  6. No Parking spaces
  7. Lack of communication space
  8. Not well-groomed house territory
  9. The lack of landscaping of the adjacent territory
  10. Functional the scarcity of the courtyard.

The main principle of the concept of "building evolution" is the development of the building, the transition from the old state to the new. In our project, we offer reconstruction of the building to fulfill all possible desires of its residents, for their healthy pastime in the house. We offer strengthening, repair of buildings: foundations, facades environmentally friendly materials (wood, putties and plasters), cosmetic repair porches (the use of paints based on natural resins, oils, clay with the addition of earthen pigments and vegetable origin; replacement fencing to railings made of wood and glass panels), replacement windows and doors for fiberglass, don't emit harmful substances. Small, cold balconies in our project we replace with loggias in the entire facade made of silicate bricks, insulated with foam glass and drywall, standing on their own foundation. This solves the problem with heat and sound insulation and increases the space of the former balconies, the facade view becomes more interesting and lively.

On each floor, at the level of the stairwell, we continue the loggia and make floor-by-floor storage spaces for 2 apartments. We bring the vestibule to the level with the loggias, thus highlighting the entrance groups. The solution to the problem with parking spaces for us was the removal of parking spaces on the roof and side facade. In our project, we are landscaping the house and yard areas. The yard is filled with various functional areas: a sports area (a field for sports games and running, exercise equipment), a recreation area, a children's area (a Playground with various contents), a walking area (paved paths, bike paths), a social zone, an art zone. Thus, the yard becomes a place of attraction for all categories of residents of an apartment building. The landscaping of the yard becomes more functional and more interesting. A residential building can clearly show us how much we are developing, because time in our home is a big part of a person's life, and therefore a part of the person himself. Reconstruction of a building is an opportunity to match a person.

Polina Chasovitina, Nadezhda Kotelnikova, & Margarita Morskova
Polina Chasovitina, Nadezhda Kotelnikova, & Margarita Morskova
Polina Chasovitina, Nadezhda Kotelnikova, & Margarita Morskova
Polina Chasovitina, Nadezhda Kotelnikova, & Margarita Morskova

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